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Locating trust worthy and efficient vehicle disposal services can be a tough task, but not with us. We are just a click away from you! While local Vehicle Disposal companies can provide effective localized services the bigger brands offer good cash offers- Easy Scrap Cars is a unique mix of both the above and certainly a better mix!

We provide you easy accessibility that is way better than your local Vehicle Disposal Company. With us, you do not have to wait for appointments and neither take the stress of making arrangements for dropping your scrap vehicle at our scrap yard yourselves. We relive you from such worries and additional expenses. All you have to do is:

  1. Visit us at our website.
  2. Get a quote for your Scrap Car Disposal.
  3. Mention the time of your convenience for the pick-up facility to be arranged by us.

And this is all that you have to do. Is not Easy Scrap Cars extremely easy to transact with? Even better than your local Vehicle Disposal company? Of course we are! We provide you with best of all Scrap Car Disposal services that UK has to offer. Our USP lied in:

  1. Free pick-up services up to 70 miles from London.
  2. Complete assistance for all paper work and documentation.
  3. Excellent cash price.
  4. Environmentally friendly vehicle disposal.

Our easy services beat the best in the business and give you a Scrap Car Disposal experience that would wipe off all your preconceived cumbersome notions about car scrapping. So the next time you or your friends want to scrap a car- you know what to click!

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