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The essence of our Company lies in our name: Easy Scrap Cars. We do exactly what our name portrays- help you scrap cars in the most simple and hassle free manner. Whether it’s MOT failure, accident damage, unwanted vehicles, uneconomical vehicle repair or old vehicles, Easy Scrap Cars will scrap your vehicles in the most environment friendly and fast manner. If you are looking for one reason to come to us, we will flood you with a hundred of them. For starters, let us introduce you with our customer friendly ways:

  1. We offer Easy Scrapping of cars round the week
  2. Our services will be available to you at any end of the capital and across all home Counties
  3. We promise to delight you with excellent cash offers. Scrapping your beloved cars may leave your garage empty, but we will not let that happen to your pockets!
  4. And what could be more, we offer you free and convenient pick up of your vehicles in return of instant cash

Unlike other vehicle scrapping companies, you can reach us in a jiffy through our excellently designed website which gives you:

  1. Lighting fast services and responses to your queries
  2. Holistic information about everything that you want to know
  3. Instant valuation of your vehicle through our what-we-pay page that has the most popular vehicles of UK listed on it.
  4. Availability of live chat for additional queries
  5. In case your vehicle is not present on our list, you can always fill the online form for your specific needs.

If you are worried about legal compliance and environmental damage, then Easy Scrap Cars would be more than happy to inform you that:

  1. All our services and activities are executed incompliance with the UK legislation.
  2. We are Licensed Scrap Metal Dealers with Thurrock Council.
  3. You can find our Environment Registration Number on are website with the full registered company name and address of the company.
  4. We take care of all of the DVLA transfer and notification paperwork in your presence.

Get in touch with us soon in case you want to scrap any vehicle our way- the easy way!


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