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Damaged your van so severely that the repairs seem to be very uneconomical? Or simply want to sell your old van to make room for a new one? Easy Scrap Cars is here to take care of all your van scrapping needs.

We accept a wide range of van models ranging from Vauxhall Zafira to Landrovers for excellent cash deals. You can do a self valuation of your van on our what-we-pay page. In case your van model is not listed on our page, you can always fill up our online form and we would get back to you with a quote within three hours. Our quotes are excellent and we pay in cash immediately, since we hate to keep waiting!

We are here to change the stereotypical notions of scrapping a car being a gruelling and cumbersome task. With Easy Scrap Cars the entire procedure of scrapping your van becomes extremely easy and hassle free to become any van seller’s delight. We accept vans that have suffered:

  1. MOT failure
  2. Severe accident damage
  3. Unwanted cars
  4. Cars that need uneconomical repairs


At Easy Scrap Cars we take care of the smallest of all formalities to ensure that you are saved from scrapping nightmares. We take care of all the documentation and paper transfers and leave you with no worries but a grand smile and of course good cash in hand! We are recognized by the environment agency and therefore will dispose and scrap your van in the most responsible, lawful manner and environmentally friendly manner. You would never feel guilty of having damaged the environment while transacting with us!

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