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Responsible Scrapping and Effective Recycling With Easy Scrap Cars

We know of all the car breakers who have done enough damage to the environment already and we do not want to be one of them. We take every possible step to ensure that not only is your vehicle disposed off in the most responsible and lawful manner but also undertake to Recycle Car.

We are registered with the environmental Agency of UK and all our activities fulfill the environmental standards determined by the authorities. We are Licensed Scrap Metal Dealers with Thurrock Council. You can find our Environment Registration Number on are website with the full registered company name and address of the company. Our Car Recycling procedure is environment friendly and we want to let you know about the kind of care that we take for Car Recycling in an environmentally friendly manner so that you know that you have done your bit for a good cause.

Once your scrap vehicle reaches us Car Recycling we:

  1. Treat the scrap car to remove all hazardous chemicals like battery and alkaline substances to make it suited for Car Recycle.
  2. Segregate elements like glass, plastic and metal to be recycled and put into utility.
  3. Each element is segregated in a manner that is in accordance with environmental norms and are treated, recycled, disposed differently.

We ensure that no harmful chemicals are drained down sewer channels. No plastic and glass is stacked in open landfills. And no metal remains become an eye sore and diminish the beauty of our city. Every component is tactfully and skilfully put to use such that there is zilch damage to the environment.

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